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then do americans in the united states need these weapons? >> they have also killed hundreds of civilians, including women and children. why doesn't he try to find those guns and get them back -- it is his administration who put them out on the street. >> why is it that americans currently -- around 300 million guns in private hands in the united states. why then do americans need some any guns? >> we have a lot people. a lot of people like to have guns for different purposes. a hand gun for self-defense, a rifle for target shooting, a shotgun for skeet shooting. we fought a roll up -- war against britain when they tried to take our firearms against -- from us. we have a long tradition of firearms freedom and individual rights protected by a constitution that many other countries do not have. look finally at whether this bill will pass through congress, in your opinion. >> i do not think the bill to ban any kind of semi-automatic rifle pass at all. these guns malic military in style, but they do not fire the way the military ones do. the only fire one bullet purple of the trigger -- they
-- to turn the united states of america into a foreign nations for the purpose of dragnet and electronic surveillance in secret. violating the constitution. i could not stand by and be an eye witness to the subversion of our own constitution when i knew it was never necessary. the best of american ingenuity and -- ingenuity could protect the fourth amendment rights of all americans. >> that was thomas drake speaking with me earlier. sebastian, i want to start with you. the argument is the reason this was re-of the rise is that it will make the united states safer - re-authorized is that it will make the united states safer. >> i am is a prize by the negative reaction. it seems a case of the lady -- i am surprised by the negative reaction. it seems to be a case of the lady doth protest so much. people who are so adamant about civil liberties. it is not george bush in the white house and it is not republicans controlling the senate. we have an extended something that was already put in place. if you look at the cases in the past of successful al qaeda attacks in the united states, the need
to measure how effective it has been. measure it by use by the united states. there has been a significant reduction. the u.s. recognized in 2011 there was a 13% reduction. the u.n. confirms that there was a least a 12% reduction. in colombia, there were slight increases. both countries have both doubled the amount. there are other yardsticks that are better and measuring the quality of cocoa production. that is quality of life for farmers. what we found is a dynamic that has just begun to take hold. thomas has to be guarantees -- farmers have to be guaranteed. they can branch out to other things. >> is this sustainable long- term? is it enough to sustain in the long term although there may be short-term reductions. >> the forces would rip out the cocoa crops and people would have nothing to eat and people would credit leave replant. -- quicly replant. the price of coca -- it is these kinds of alternatives that give this a much better chance of being sustainable. it improves the quality of life. >> with me to further discuss bolivia going its own way in controlling its coca leaf production
by an unmanned u.s. plane. he was one of the top commanders. it was part of the tribal region where the united states has been targeting insurgent leaders. he has been killed with five others. we are joined from islamabad for more on who the man was. >> he was a senior commander from the south region who was active in carrying out attacks inside afghanistan. he made no secret of it. he was a respected member of the tribe. the tribe lives on both sides of the border. he offered a great help to the pakistani authorities when he took on the fallen fighters. he moved them from their territory and it enabled the pakistani military to go on a major offensive against another try. an important figure -- against another try and. tribe.her >> the strikes appear to be undermining efforts to come to a truce in the region. >> it was not just been thrown strike that killed him, but another strike that had not far away. there were two drones strikes. 10 people killed and four other people killed. a rescue is underway to see if there are any survivors. there have been questions about the thrones strikes. paki
with the independence army. the united nations and the -- they are deeply troubled by reports of new airstrikes in the area. , we spoke to a representative -- >> we spoke to a representative of the independent army who said he could hear and see two fighter jets from the myanmar army flying overhead. he said they had attacked a kia outpost. this is an area which is similar to the area that was attacked by myanmar helicopters and fighter jets last week. there was a confusing situation last week when the myanmar government appeared to initially deny those airstrikes had taken place. a couple of days later, they admitted they did happen, but they happened in self-defense. the use of air power against the rebels is certainly an escalation in what has been a very long-running war. >> dozens of protesters are gathered outside the headquarters of one of china's most liberal newspapers. they are calling for the resignation of the provincial propaganda chief. the protest began after they replaced a new years letter to readers -- new year's letter to readers. isgle's executive chairman in north korea in
, france, and the united states, and britain. >> many of the people i've worked in the area many years. i asked for your understanding for not being able to give you more detailed information. >> it's not clear how many algerian workers are being held. least 30 people have managed to escape. a catering company said that it has 150 employees alone still confined at the plant. the gas field is in remote parts of the country's eastern desert, serviced by its own air fields, accommodations, and hospital. several hundred people are believed to work on the base at any one time. it's just 100 kilometers west of the libyan border. one armed group says it carried out the attack as payback for algeria allowing france to use its air bases in the assault against al qaeda dazzling spiders in neighboring mali. >> according to the information we have, there are about 20 terrorists inside. we believe they take orders from him and i don't believe they came from mali or libya. this is a revenge attack aimed at foreign countries participating in the attacks in mali. >> that is an excuse. usually, operations
. earlier, i spoke to the us ambassador, robert ford. he said that was a concern for the united states and they would keep asking the un for transparency on exactly how that money was part -- how it got to those who need it. >> they are only putting band- aids on the problem, rather than treating the actual cause. any chance there can be any diplomatic movement, given the large number of countries, given that some of the allies of the syrian regime are there? >> all the speeches are about the humanitarian situation and the pledges. you can see people milling around. this is just outside where they are having a banquet, the official lunch underway right now. i suspect around those tables, when you have those high-level figures, including the president of lebanon, one of the neighboring countries, king abdullah of jordan, people of that level, representatives of many countries involved -- i think there will be talks about the political impasse at the un , particularly those very strong comments that came from lacked are brahimi, the un-arab league -- from lakhdar brahimi, the un-arab lea
is to unite the state of israel. >> says he will promote jewish values as well as easing the economic strain on families. another man of the moment is the former tv personality and is vying for enough votes for a possible coalition party. they are making the economy their main issue. shimon peres will decide whether to give binyamin netanyahu the first chance of forming a coalition. that is a process that took five weeks after the last election. let's talk about the situation after the election. it sounds like putting together a coalition will be tricky. >> it appears so. the last government all molested two years. then the labor party pulled out . in this case it might be even more complicated. binyamin netanyahu, if he is given the first nod, will have 28 days to form a coalition. then he has another 12 days. the question is whether some other party will be asked to put together a coalition. any kind of coalition would veer to the right. if he could do that with a minimum of cooperation would be his preference. >> thank you for reporting to us live from jerusalem. you can see our front pag
. there are rumors and divisions within the government, and now diosdado cabello says they're more united than ever and committed to continuing hugo chavez's revolution. >> no one knows what's happened to the man himself. we don't know what kind of cancer he has, how he is, we don't know whether he'll be able to take the oath of office next week. what is the government going to do next week if he can't? have they given any indication how they plan to handle the situation? >> that's a very big question that everybody here is asking themselves. nobody knows and the opposition has been very demanding about that. they want to know what type of cancer chavez has, where he's been operated and exactly what's going on and nobody is quite sure. the other thing that will also happen as you see all of these people are supporters of hugo chavez and want to express their belief chefs -- chavez will survive. the government -- also in the region, for example -- the senate to allow them to travel. >> thank you very much for persevering there, theresa, with vocal chavez supporters there in caracas. police in pakist
of provoking more actions than they have done. i think the defense minister of the united states was saying, both sides were correct, algeria was correct. it is a very complicated situation. nobody would like to lose humans, but in situations like this, you have to think of the least you can do, and that has been done. >>> the foreign minister of france has called on west african leaders to take the lead of the military intervention in mali. they say it could be weeks before their forces could do so. we have this report from the capital of mali. >> the army shows off what it says are tools and weapons seized from the rebels. this is an insight into how well armed they are. this is an anti-aircraft gun, capable of bringing down french warplanes. >> this is anti-aircraft defense, but they're using them against ground troops, against us, vehicles, and our people. >> the french and malians have made some progress against the rebels, taking control of several towns, but at a meeting, the french asked african leaders to take over the operation in mali. >> the operation is not intended to substitu
until they can recapture the north of the country. dodge the united nations is meeting to discuss sending a west african intervention force , approving a force to help defeat rebels in december. the nigeria and others have pledged troops but they can't get their home until september due to logistical problems. >> at the end of the day, the real solution will be a political solution. we want to support the political process and reconciliation in the north and the south. negotiation with the armed groups which will save them from terrorism. >> we have more from the united nations headquarters in new york. >> france has been urging west african states to send peacekeepers as soon as possible. they have authorized a force to operate in france would like it to take the place of their soldiers in the near future. the european union will be meeting in the coming days to discuss its training mission. it has said it will send 250 shoulders -- soldiers to train the army. and >> he wants parliament dissolved by tuesday morning according to state media reports. they began their journey on sun
. there waiting for the united nations security council meeting and the outcome of that. al-jazeera has spoken to a nigerian military commanders told us they have to wait embassy about the logistics. nigeria would send about 600 soldiers into northern mali, but they said, where they going to sleep? he was born to pay for them? until the questions are answered, then we will see the troops on the ground. interestingly, of these troops are not as popular as the french. people here want to see any operation into northern mali led by their own military. >> thank you for that report. witnesses say eight somali civilians were killed during a failed hostage rescue attempt. the french commander was trying to save a member killed along with another soldier. they captured a third man and said that he has now died of his wounds. activists in serious a government air strikes have killed eight children in damascus. this video apparently shows them in the district doctorate was attacked. by women were killed and many others remain trapped. joining us now from beirut, what can you tell us about the attack? >>
of the united states, a cold spell have been talking about for days has finally ended and temperatures are coming back to normal. i want to show you what we can see as weak note toward monday. getting above freezing, a normal temperature there. toward atlanta, a partly cloudy day. focus" only on the link tv. >> a reminder now of the top stories -- at least 230 people have died in a fire at night club in southern brazil. witnesses say musicians that off fireworks on stage and some victims were trampled to death in the panic to escape. in egypt, six people had died in violence during funerals for the more than 30 people killed in clashes on saturday. french and forces in mali fighting against the rebels are on the outskirts of the city of timbuktu. our correspondent is traveling with the french military on the road to timbuktu. >> french forces are amassing in this depot just to the southwest of timbuktu. we have seen troops from all here as well, preparing weaponry and assembling heavy guns. these are the strongest signals we have had get that the final event on timbuktu is imminent. th
international backing. so far as united states has offered to send drones and european countries are offering transport and logistics support. the french government says they are a threat to security in his country and the region peaky france is at war against terrorism, wherever it is. to maintain the security and the security of mali as well, a friend state./ terrorism is our essential goal. the wheel skirts that threatens us and our neighbors. mali really is not very far from france. >> dozens of people have been lining up to give blood and money. they went to support the troops and others in the fighting. this now from bako. >-- bamajo. >> people have gathered to donate blood. they're calling to support the country's forces anyway they can. >> we are ready to respond to any request. if they call us to fight, we are ready to die. >> others donated money and fought in the military. government officials in bamako have called this a welcome shift. there is a sense of guarded optimism among people here that the old coalition might once again unite in mali. >> i -- i am very happy with the fren
? >> it is not surprising. in october of 2012, the united states stopped transferring a lot of prisoners because they were aware of horrible things that were happening. the report says the government was aware of this and try to do something. they are not holding anybody accountable when they do not live up to the sanders they should. >> why is nato still transferring the prisoners? >> to a certain extent, they have to under the agreements we made with the afghan government to begin drawing down our forces and begin turning over operations to them. the afghan government has demanded this. we have slowed it down more than we can technically under the agreements we have made with them. >> stuck the u.s. government care about this? >> we do care about it. we have resisted some of the requests of the cars i government. they have slowed down the transfer they agreed to. they are aware of these things. they are trying to transfer them to presence which have a better record than some of these places where they have done horrible things the u.n. documents. >> how concerned are you the government has rejected this
warfare. united states can help. we can bring our experience from our fighting in afghanistan and iraq and provide -- the african soldiers are going to fight this battle with trading. we can provide training and logistics, and we definitely have interest in doing this, because this aqim, the body is now in mali. it has links, arms, into nigeria and libya, including the one you possibly killed our ambassador and colleagues. the squabbles of all of the areas that are ill got burned or undergoverned around the region, -- that are ill governed or ungoverned. >> good to talk to you. thank you very much. the u.n. is warning of a growing crisis in neighboring mali. there was a focus of heavy fighting. >> fleeing the violence that is engulfing much of their country, these people are from the strategically important town. it has been the focus of much of the recent fighting, with conflicting reports about who is in control. those who have escaped the violence there are grateful to have made it this far. >> people are terrified. often, they are in a horrible position, without having brought anyt
in its most polluted cities. the united states senate has passed a temporary bill aimed at preventing a financial crisis. the vote came after the midnight deadline on new year's eve to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. spending cuts and tax hikes has of been delayed until march. but it still has to be approved by the house of representatives. >> this is the man who seems to have made all the difference. vice president joe biden came in the 11th hour to broker an agreement. but the deal comes at the december 31 deadline. for now, the u.s. is over the fiscal cliff. it has passed its first test in the senate with overwhelming support. >> of the house stands adjourned until noon tomorrow. >> but the key test to the agreement is whether it can pass here, the republican-controlled house of representatives. early on monday, president obama surrounded himself with middle- class families to make the point that it would be average americans who would be hardest hit by a failure to compromise. >> the agreement being worked on right now would further reduce the deficit by asking the wealthiest 2%
rebels in the north. the government is desperate for help. the united nations has given its support with 3300 troops from a block of west africa and neighboring nations. the first of those troops will be deployed immediately. mali's old colonial master has confirmed reports its troops are already on the ground there. >> i have responded to mali's request for help. this afternoon, french armed forces supported mali's forces to fight against the terrorists. this operation is within the framework of the un resolution and will last as long as necessary. >> on the streets of mali, people are getting nervous about how close the front lines are. >> we are afraid. we are afraid because they could take us hostage. >> i think that islamists must be stopped with the aid of the international community because they will not stop here. it is the whole region. europe and the rest of the world there will a tried to attack. >> the situation has prompted the malian president to declare a state of emergency. >> the malian government has decided to proclaim a state of emergency according to all of the
or not they are used depends on a events over the border. the united states may not leave any troops inside afghanistan after the 2014 troop withdrawal despite a recommendation by officials some troops should stay on to strengthen security. the white house should be considering a range of options after 2013. officials say as few as 3000 or as many as 15,000 could stay on. jobless rates in the eurozone have hit a record high. unemployment is now at 11.8%. that is the highest since the currency was founded, and that means almost 19 million people were out of work in november. spain and greece were the most hit with unemployment rates sitting at 20% respectively. and this was meant to gauge progress. >> they had a panicky field. he is now a hero for keeping greece in the eurozone. >> this is my second time in the chancellor's office, and i am happy to have the opportunity to speak to the chancellor. i want to make clear our country is making a lot of sacrifices to get back on track. the sacrifices continue to be felt in a sense. a record cold snap is hitting the homeless, and municipal workers are struggl
, really. a lot of this was yelp is big in the united states and they were unhappy about the way google sharing things. if you link to the page would get this nice little box and it would show you a picture and tell you the opening hours and how many -- how was raided. if a company like yelp does not want the number to show there, google will not do that. there have been no changes to the search algorithm or the experience people say. -- see. >> we apologize. we lost ryan talking about google. britain is rejecting calls over the top -- over the falkland islands. the prime minister david cameron -- christina kirschner urged the u.k. to end. president claims handling of the falkland islands is a cause supported worldwide. 108 years ago on the same day in a blatant exercise of 19th century colonialism, argentina was stripped of the islands which are situated 14,000 kilometers away from london. since then, the colonial power has refused to return the territories to the argentine republic, preventing it from restoring its territorial integrity. she called on britain to abide by resolution in
the united kingdom. all joins us live from london. what has cameron. assaying darks >> he gave an interview over several minutes in which he, first of all, braced those families waiting for news here for the prospect of further bad news to come. we know that six britons amain accounted for together with one u.k. citizen. he clarified that three of those have now been confirmed dead. it is the fate of three more plus the ukase of this and which are coming at the moment, left on known. it was invited to criticize the algerian authorities for bringing this hostage crisis to an end and the decline to do so. we know back in parliament on friday, he spoke to lawmakers in the british parliament and expressed frustration that he had not been told in advance to go in and end the siege. he was a lot more diplomatic on sunday. the other thing they spoke about was the bigger picture roswell. moving forward from here, france, norway, and the u.s. will start concentrating in little bit more on the situation in south africa. >> this will require a global response. it will require response that is about ye
rocket launch. hello. you're watching al his era live from doha. the united states plans to -- al jazeera live from doha. 60% of young people do not have a job, the unemployment rate at its highest in 40 years. plus -- >> in egyptian -- in a community in southern thailand, resisting pressure to find another new home. >> china is calling for calm and restraint after north korea said it is planning a new nuclear attack. the announcement was made days after the u.n. increased sanctions against north korea following a rocket launch last month. harry fawcett has more. >> if north korea's recent rocket launch was regarded as an act of defiance at the u.n., the security council resolution said that from peon yang reform p'yongyang there was more to come. >> we're not hiding from the fact that the various satellites and long-range rockets we will fire and the high-level nuclear test we will carry out are targeted at the united states. >> this was both a return to the kind of fiery anti-u.s. rhetoric that has been notable by its actions during kim jong-un's first year in power and the confirmation
and voted for the job by the united states senate. >> tell us a bit more about what goes to war against him, why they're against it. >> -- what those who are against them, why they are against him. >> some have caused him to have to apologize for the statements. he has been insensitive to the gay lesbian and transvestite community with a comment he made about a proposed selection a few years ago. of course, there are some who believe he is not strong enough behind the state of israel in terms of protecting its from iran. >> is a likely to do anything different to bring anything different to the floor on that issue? >> chuck hagel brings a lot to the floor and a lot to the entire defense portfolio. he is a unique person. he served as an infantry riflemen in vietnam. he would be the first sergeant ever to move up the ranks to secretary of defense. he seems to be someone more concerned about ensuring that as we operate overseas, we operate as members of a coalition rather than unilateral action. i think he brings a perspective and a well known streak of independence to the job. it will be inte
an international debut. 52 students will play at prestigious concert halls in the united states. jennifer glass has been watching them rehearse in kabul. >> right now it is all about practice. the afghan youth orchestra is getting ready for its first international tour to the united states. >> i think this is a real cause for celebration. it was banned entirely. >> they have come a long way. first met them in 2010. the school saved her from a life on the streets. she has gone to the cello. she wants to show the world that afghan women have a future here. >> americans think afghanistan is a country at war. we have a children's rights. >> the orchestra will perform at the kennedy center in wash did, d.c. -- washington, d.c., and in new york at carnegie hall. >> we are celebrating. the music we're doing acknowledges the suffering that this country has endured over the past 40 years. >> the school has big plans for expansion. they are building a concert hall and dormitories for the musician. only one in five children who audition will get a place this year. as is the orchestra's youngest member and hop
units of humanities credits, which that's what we're about. we're a university or you may be here for a number of different reasons but still as we move through this fascinating journey, looking at different beliefs and believers, it's a good thing to keep in mind and we'll touch on that. we brought up some great points on why it is, you know, that we should study religion. you know, why it is we might this is a good thing to be doing? you know, we're not wasting our time here. it's a good thing. but, i want to introduce one of the major world experts. in fact, as you'll see - and we'll go over in our second class - the sixth dimension of worldviews, i studied with professor ninian smart, chair of the department of religious studies at university of santa barbara, where i went, although i think he may have just be retired recently and also president of the american academy of religion recently. anyway, he's a major figure maybe not a household word but ninian smart, we had a wonderful opportunity in our travels to san francisco last november, we were able to corral him, and believ
the united nations security council for them to pull back. all of this is going on with a picture of complete disorganization around the front-line just outside the capital. this is the latest report. >> troops from neighboring states in reinforcing this poverty-stricken country's regular army. the numbers of this international force exceed 1000. with the military buildup come claims from humanitarian and diplomatic sources that foreign mercenaries are being brought in by both sides. not only that, the president was expressing optimism over peace talks, unicef was accusing his militias and the rebels of using a child soldiers. this is deputy general secretary of the regional grouping of 10 states brokering peace talks. >> war is expensive. child soldiers are cheap. especially when they are hungry. we have information that children have been used by one side or the other. we cannot confirm it. there have been any violations of human rights. -- there have been many violations of human rights. >> no one is surprised to hear those words on the streets of the capital. these talks next week may hav
of business, a resource colony to superpowers like the united states, like china. this is one of the reasons why harper is trying to negotiate all of these bilateral free- trade agreements. it is all about free-market agenda and turning canada into a resource colony for military superpowers across the planet. the reality is first nations peoples and northern communities are on the front line of this economic agenda and it's devastating impact. >> chief spence has basically said enough is enough. is that where we are right now? we've got the thunderstrike going on and she says i have to stop this. >> idle no more started before the hunger strike. she is not asking for anything unreasonable. what she is saying is listen -- we have no running water, no sanitation, deplorable housing if any at all, lack of education, lack of employment. all of this this year-economic indicators have gotten progressively worse and markedly worse in the last 10 years. not coincidentally have a conservative government. she says that's not what the treaty relationship envisions. although the treaties are different a
of the united states. an image of would leave you with is that although there is a split between these very senior republican politicians in house, they did go into their latest meeting about two hours ago absolutely side by side. the congressman here i was talking to said it was an optical display of unity. the iranian prime minister has offered to release more than 700 female prisoners. the rallies are accusing his government of unfair treatment. >> hundreds of thousands of people in sunni provinces have been protesting for almost two weeks. they said the government discriminates against them. now the prime minister is threatening to end the demonstrations by force. >> i want everyone to turn a blind eye to this issue and against -- do not tell me it is a national issue, because it is clear that is a rotten one. it has wrought in slogans and is accompanied by rotten practices. i am not concerned because it is only hot air. your voices have been heard and enough is enough. >> is a warning that may lead to an odd conversation. critics of the prime minister say he is sending iraq in the wron
was actually six years younger. the execution violates the united nations code governing the rights of miners but some rights groups suggested she had -- may have never had a fair trial to begin with. international group says she did not have access to a lawyer. sri lankan president has made two personal pleas to the saudi king to grant a pardon. a senior researcher at human- rights watch says both the sri lankan and saudi governments are to blame >> it is outrageous saudi arabia continues to execute people who committed a crime when they were still children themselves. she was only 17 years old at the time this baby died under her care. and there are many indications that she did not have a fair trial. she did not have a lawyer present and she did not have access to a competent translators. and in the case of migrant domestic workers there is responsibility on all sides. there is also a responsibility on the part of the sri lankan government to make sure that recruitment agencies are not falsifying the documents of migrants and allowing children to migrate instead of adults. they should be c
of the country i spoke to the south asia adviser by the united states institutes of peace. i asked him to tell us more about a group of has claimed responsibility. >> it is a sectarian groups that has been around for a long time, and it has been closed to outside of. it has operated as an odd kind of franchise, so while they are conducting an -- as an outside the -- al qaeda franchise, so they are conducting violence. today is just one incident in a long list. it was basically gone in and found partners in different countries. they are not just targeting violence. they are linked to they have learned from this, and they have a lot of connections in pakistan and afghanistan and yemen and iraq. more and more you are seeing rhetoric out of these people, and that is one of the biggest problems from pakistan. earlier they would separate these groups and one of the time. -- one at a time. they simply cannot control. >> one of the founding members of the separatist kurdish group has been killed. they were shot dead as turkey's government began new efforts to try to persuade them to disarm. >> 3 executio
that the operation might once again unite molali. >> i am very happy with the french intervention. i would like the crisis to come to an end so we can go back,. >> i do not see any solution but a military one. how can you negotiate with terrorists? it is not possible. >> the man to lead mali tumble the visited wounded soldiers. >> i am telling the people thank you for your support to our national army. we have launched defenses without having any assistance. we're happy to have the french by our site. >> support for the operation is at its highest here. one of the main streets, they fight. traders are also doing a brisk business. the french have been bringing in more troops. about 100 soldiers are right here on sunday. they say their forces will pave the way for the deployment of other soldiers from the republican block. >> i understand you have got a bit more information about that deployment. >> ps. yes. chief of defense forces states are getting here. some of them are writing this evening ahead of a crucial meeting on tuesday in which they are forced to map out a plan for deployment. of this
might once again unite mali. >> i left the north after it was taken over. i am very happy with the french intervention. i would like the crisis to come to an end so we can go back home. >> i don't see any other solution than a military one. how can you negotiate with terrorists who have occupied our country? it is not possible. >> and the man who led the c everyone oup last year -- the coupe last year visited people. >> i am telling the people thank you for the support of your army. we have lost offensed without any stance. we are happy to have the french by our side. >> support for the operation is at its highest here. the french and malian flags hang side by side. and traders are doing a brisk business in selling french flags. the french have been bringing in more troops to mali. about 100 troops arrived on sunday. they say they will stop the advance and pave the way for other soldiers from the west african block. >> and more information about the deployment of troops. >> yes. the chief of defense -- some of them arrived this evening ahead of a crucial meeting on tuesday
will faithfully execute the office of the united states and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the united states. >> our white house correspondent takes a look ahead at what lies in store for the president the next four years. >> the first time president barack obama took the oath of office -- he did it in front of the biggest crowd washington d.c. has seen it all of its history. almost 2 billion people here to hear him make the promises. >> on this day, we come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn out dog was that for far too long have struggled our politics. >> things did not help out -- but things did not work out as he hoped. things in washington remain politically terra -- politically polarized. president knows republicans can once again put a stranglehold on his political agenda. topping his priority list, immigration reform, gun- control, and a balancing energy production with climate concerns. but his first priority is getting congress to increase the nation's debt ceiling at that talk
forces tried to oust rebel fighters. thousands of people have joined the protest rallies in the united states to call for tougher gun control. the issue is set to dominate the american public in the coming years as president obama attempts to reform the legislation. >> this market was very personal. >> so many shots with an assault rifle, there is no real for this to happen. just minding his own business, going home. >> at 7:38 in the morning, shot in the head. >> dmitri was two days away from his 17th birthday when the bullets flew through the windows of his school. his father marches it violently, displaying his story. among the signs with slogans, there are many pictures -- each will of these people. asked to share the sad story of a violent end. this is a grassroots movement created by a handful of concerned mothers. >> this is a program that barack obama called for. he realizes that their members of both parties with no interest in seeing gun-control pass through congress. >> his secretary was not helped -- was on hand to reassure this crowd. >> this is about gun responsibility an
the decision i took in the name of france to come and help mali in compliance to the charge of the united nations and request of the president of the country. >> algeria has been building stronger lengths with america and europe by combating al qaeda elements within its borders but foreign governments were told what happened when key decisions were made and what went wrong. allen fisher, jalede. allen fisher al jazeera. >> let's bring in the former chief of the c.i.a. in al year yeah joining us live from washington, d.c. good to have you with us. what do you make of the al yearian response -- algerian forces that they've gone in as they did and we have a situation where 30 hostages have been killed. what we're hearing as well as 11 of the kidnappers. >> well, at this point, there's a lot that we don't know. and as was just mentioned, clearly, the western powers in particular who lost a number of their citizens are asking a great number of pointed questions to the algerians. it doesn't appear to have been a hostage rescue attempt in the normal sense of the term but appears the algerians de
because he was afraid. the united nations estimates that more than 100,000 syrian refugees have fled to egypt since march 2011. 13,000 have registered, but the u.n. expects the number to triple by june. tens of thousands of syrian refugees live and work here. many of them arrived with very little money. they used the money to pay to live in refugee camps. they have been offered health care and education at the same rate as the egyptians. they are also allowing the sun -- visa extensions. >> as the crisis extends, people run out of money. we see more and more families that are just not able to cope. we have seen families living on the street. >> these refugees say they want to go back home as soon as possible. as the violence in syria continues, it can only wait and pray that the families they left behind are safe. >> making farms more efficient. a new program that aims to improve production for south africa's supermarkets. >> i will be telling you why millions of devout hindus have arrived on the river ganges. >> hello. we have some optimism across australia. more klaus clouds. no gr
. >> religion has always united the russian people. i think it is part of tradition. history shows everything has been done in the interest of god and religion. >> the role of the church in secular russia is being questioned more and more. during the past year, the relationship between the russian orthodox church and the state has been put under the microscope. some worry the opposition is becoming too close. >> the cathedral of christ the savior itself was the scene of the punk band, pussy riot's protest against putin's relationship with the church. in the christmas eve address, they called for pulte -- for freedom of speech to be protected. 2012 was a turbulent year in russia. many are hoping 2013 will bring peace and reconciliation. >> the french actor gerard depardieu has been offered an apartment by the russian government. he was showing off his new russian passport. he has threatened to give up his french citizenship over plans to raise taxes on the rich. there is a short list of three players showing off their skills in spain on sunday. >> how the use that -- had you decide who the bes
of the kurdish region admits training syrian kurds to run their own region. he also pushed syrian kurds to unite in order to gain their rights. the supreme kurdish body was born last july, but the mistrust among its members remains the. the democratic union party now control several syrian towns and cities as the government forces withdrew and has its own checkpoints. opponents say the group is an offshoot of the turkish kurdistan workers party and is an ally of the syrian regime. >> these are all lies. we suffered a lot from this regime. for now, our strategy is to build a democratic, pluralistic society. pyd once democratic self rule in our area. , other groups say kurds should leave their differences aside and seeks this opportunity. the future of the kurdish people is in danger. we are facing a historic opportunity to achieve our rights. if we do not see it, the chance will not come again. >> more than 30 million kurds are in iraq and syria. some might accept a federal region, but for most, the aspiration to create a greater kurdistan will never fade away. >> 51 cases of cholera have been re
option is not the the best one and we should stick with the united states. the opportunity to experience more negotiations, that is. chuck hagel could find himself in a very good place in the knesset and even in the israeli cabinet. >> thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> the number of people out of work in the member countries of the euro zone hit a record high in november according to figures released under an hour ago. nearly 12% of 330 million people in 17 countries were unemployed. that means 19 million people are jobless. 2 million people at the same tired year ago. the european economy has been struggling with huge debts in the aftermath of the global banking crisis. rebels in northern myanmar say the army is continuing its air and ground assault against them. we have obtained these pictures of the fighting. the military reportedly attacked hilltop positions belonging to the independence army on monday. the only ethnic minority group that has not reached a truce with the government. the chinese government is reportedly looking to stop using controversial labor camps that critic
on their cultural links to the united kingdom. on saturday, a largely peaceful demonstration outside city hall turned violent. police faced around 100 protesters. officers confirmed they had been shot at. one man was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. again, police used water cannons to clear the streets. it is in the port areas of the city where there are explosive results. >> in belfast, things are bad. high unemployment. a since the politics are going against them. a sense that catholics are their rivals and doing well with the newer administration we have had going for seven or eight years. >> politicians have condemned the violence, mindful that it damages the international reputation as it struggles to attract investment. public disorder is a far cry from the dead the conflict that paralyzed northern ireland four decades. memories are fresh. most would rather the violence stayed in the past. al jazeera, northern ireland. >> still ahead on al jazeera, a show of support for hugo chavez. he is reelected to lead the national assembly. >> most of what was in stock is now destroyed. >>
northeast of the capital. there has been in other school shooting in the united states. one student shot and wounded at a school in california before a teacher in another staff member talked the gun man into surrendering. is president joe biden has been talking with the nra. he is heading a task force after the sandy hook school shooting. thailand will be sending about 400 refugees back to me and more. is the second such deportation in one week. they were found in a rubber plantation and more than 100,000 of them have been displaced after sectarian violence. members of the community in thailand have been protesting against the government of myanmar. they have gathered outside in bangkok. they want them to stop the fighting. this may soon be a thing of the past four primary students in indonesia. they want the subject removed so more time can be spent on things like religion and nationalism. they say the move is a step backward. we have a report from jakarta. >> learning about the motion. it is a prime exercised for children around the world. these children may lose out on some experiment
force transport plane takes off from banaco airbase. tangible proof of the growing support of the united states for the french intervention in mali. the americans, along with britain and france, are helping to transport french troops and equipment. this french contingent has been there for 10 days. they have their kit. now they are waiting for their marching orders. this is the logistical hub of the operation. it is here that the troops arrive. it is also hear that the supplies arrive. and the french are starting to fly bombing raids from here, too. in central mali french and government troops are consolidating their hold on towns recaptured in recent days. the wreckage left behind is testimony to the determination of the rebels. they fought for weeks before fleeing. >> we are very happy about the release of our town from the jihadists. >> en el a second front is opening against the rebels in the east -- and now, a second front is opening against the rebels in the east. soon, these nigerian troops will be joined by contingent from chad, experts in desert combat. >> we are going to war, h
. it seems the rebels simply fled when they got word that the french were approaching. french units have been massing to the southwest of timbuktu. after traveling through on saturday night, there is now a pause. it is clear that they are preparing to advance on this key stronghold. >> the strategies have been the same in each town. troops from mali go first, closely followed by french forces. they want to create the impression that this is the mongolian government retaking towns and not a foreign army conquering them. >> the army needs to win the confidence of ordinary people. when the rebels took over the north, the army simply ran away. the french involvement has changed everything. >> it has been very difficult, we need a lot of logistical support and help with intelligence and communications. this is what we need to finish this operation. >> this group as a prisoner. they say that he is a rebel. the army has been accused of summary executions. they lead the prisoner away. senior french officers commanding the operations fly to the front lines. they have come to give the troops there fina
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